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PORTRAITURE AND CELEBRITY PRINTS BY RENOWNED PORTRAIT ARTIST MURRAY POSTELL : See samples of Murray's exquisite oil portraits in his art gallery, and order a portrait of your loved one(s) and pets. The artist also has an impressive collection of pen and ink prints of movie, music and sport stars to buy, (inexpensive). This site will stir fond memories of past and present popular celebrities.

Oil Paintings of Landscape, Photo Portrait Reproductions from America's Wholesale Oil Painting : Offering world famous oil painting reproductions.
Thousands of genuine oil reproductions of masterpieces. Museum quality is guaranteed for all of our paintings. And we offer the lowest price on the internet for our genuine hand-painted oil paintings on canvas.

Linda Paul Studio : Bas-relief & egg tempera fresco paintings by Linda Paul! Art for Italian and French country decor.Online shopping for Fine Art  Prints on Canvas, Kitchen art & still life paintings, chili pepper art, landscape paintings, ballet art.

Landscape and Figurative Paintings Flower and Romantic Pictures : Landscape paintings and snow scenes of Scotland, figurative paintings, flower and romantic pictures. All original paintings and fine art prints by Scottish artist John Stoa.

Vasilij Belikov : Russian Artist, landscape, seascape, still life, portrait. : An Art Gallery of Original Paintings for sale online. Paintings of landscapes, floral/flower, wildlife, still life, and farms.

Artistic Leaf - Beautiful Leaf Paintings : Something different in visual art. A delightful artwork in stunning oil colors on imported real dried leaves. Unique and creative gift idea for someone special.

Landscape Artist Annabel Greenhalgh : Annabel Greenhalgh is a well established British landscape artist painting representational scenes in pastel and oil. The website includes many coastal scenes and emotionally charged landscapes and seascapes of Wales, the UK and abroad.

Silvana Brunotti Oil Paintings - Rome Landscapes - Artist Painter : Original oil paintings by the Italian painter Silvana Brunotti. Pictures of Rome, Italy landscapes, still lives, watercolors and mixed techiniques.

Koi Sculpture, Paintings and other Fine Art : Koi Paintings, Koi Sculpture and other fine art from artist Shawn Vernon. : Razia Gershon Bronze Sculpture Gallery.

Mutual link Instructions

If you have a fine art-oriented web site and would like to link to Marcus Gorenstein's web site, I will first need to review your web site. Before I do that, you can cut and paste the following code to your own site:

<p align="left"><a HREF=""><img
SRC="" WIDTH="468" HEIGHT="60"></a></p>

It looks like this:

banner; painter, sculptor, designer.

If your links page will accommodate text links only, then please use the following code:

<a href="">Realism and Figurative Art by Marcus Gorenstein</a> Masterly paintings, drawings, sculpture and architectural stained glass of landscapes, cityscapes, figures, women, nudes and portraits.

It looks like this (normal with a white background):

Realism and Figurative Art by Marcus Gorenstein Masterly paintings, drawings, sculpture and architectural stained glass of landscapes, cityscapes, figures, women, nudes and portraits.

After you have done this, please email me at with either your own equivalent banner/ logo code or a title and description of your site (no more than 30 words) and write down your URL. Also please remember to let me know the exact URL where I will find your link to Realism and Figurative Art. I will then check if your site meets basic standards and let you know if I decide to link with you.


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